Broccoli seeds (500g)


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Soak Time: 6-12 Hours

Ideal Growing Temperature: 15°C to  20°C 

Seeding Rate: 2-4 Tablespoons, Depending On Jar Size

Expected Yield: 4x The Weight of Seed Used

Estimated time to Harvest: 4-6 Days

 How To Grow Broccoli Sprouts: Fill a sterilised sprouting jar up with 2-4 tablespoons of seed, depending on jar size. Expected yiel = 4x the weight of the seeds you put in the jar in sprouts (this depends on how long you grow them for).

Fill the jar with water and let the seeds soak in it for 6-12 hours. Next, drain the water and rinse the seeds. Leave the sprouting jar turned upside down to drain all excess water.

Daily Rinsing: Open your jar twice daily and rinse your seeds/sprouts thoroughly, filling the jar with water and draining it 2 to 3 times for each rinsing. Then leave the sprouting jar turned upside down to drain any excess water.

Placement: Place your sprouting jar in in-direct sunlight. This will allow the leaves to turn green, without the jar overheating in direct sunlight.

Harvesting: Broccoli Sprouts can be ready to eat after as little as 4 days, but you can grow them longer. It is best to taste them after each day and see what your preference is, and take note for future growing. When you are happy with them, rinse them once more, remove from your jar, an