Broccoli Sprouts Delivery: anti-aging & disease-fighting


Consuming medicinal foods starts with maximising nutrients and there's no better place to start than sprouts. Why? They have 40x more micronutrients than 'normal' veg and broc sprouts produce 100x more sulforaphane, a cancer-preventing phytochemical, when we consume them!

But why don't people already eat more sprouts? Well, let's be honest: they can be annoying to grow and don't taste as delicious as many other foods.


Have them delivered and have healthy decision making taken care of for you!

What do you get?

🌱 30g sprouted broccoli sprouts servings. 

📦 FREE delivery to your door🚲 [Wicklow Delivery Only]

♻️Re-usable packaging*

Broc sprouts nutritional label:

*leave empty boxes outside for weekly collection (better than compostable which emits methane and requires a lot of energy to break down). Alternatively, purchase one-off glass boxes to remove plastic entirely  ♻️