Premium Daily Greens - Small batch organic alfafa sprouts, broccoli capsules & Sea Moss




  • Support health: Contains 92/102 minerals & nutrients the human body is composed of
  • Save time: 99% faster than making a green juice
  • Trust & Quality: transparently produced by us in Wicklow, Ireland via hand harvested superfoods


Why broccoli sprouts?

Most of the health benefits of broccoli sprouts come from their high level of glucoraphanin. Your body converts this compound into sulforaphane, which protects your cells against inflammation and a wide variety of diseases.

Why sea moss?

Our human body is composed of 102 minerals & nutrients. Sea Moss contains 92 of these minerals including; magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium, selenium, fiber, copper, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin and manganese. These minerals supply energy to the body, regulate digestion and detoxify the body.

Why alfafa sprouts?

First cultivated in ancient Iran, alfafa is an excellent source of vitamin K to absorb calcium. Sprouts also have a high content of phytoestrogens, which have been shown to aid in preventing heart disease.

Benefits of Shhine shhupergreens capsules?

  • Contain 96/102 minerals
  • Greens powder capsules are generally low in calories but high in certain minerals and vitamins
  • Greens powder capsules can help with detoxification and make your body more alkaline
  • Ease of use: Capsules = No bad taste unlike most greens powders 
  • Source of Fibre, Vitamin C, Glucoraphanin, Vitamin C, iodine & many more micro/phytonutrients