Mung Bean and Broccoli Sprouts Garnish for dishes (Local Cafes Only)


Consuming medicinal foods starts with maximising nutrients and there's no better place to start than sprouts.

Why? They have 40x more micronutrients than 'normal' veg and broc sprouts produce 100x more sulforaphane, a cancer-fighting phytochemical, when we consume them!

But why don't more restaurants/cafes grow sprouts? Strict rules around growing sprouts (our farm is regulated and visited every 2 months by Department of Ag)

Service? Grown fresh sprouts every week and deliver them on same day as harvest to your restaurant/cafe's door

📦 FREE delivery to your restaurant/cafe 🚲 [Wicklow & Sunday Delivery Only]

Broc sprouts nutritional label:

Sprouted mung bean nutritional info: